+++ Diktatur ist, wenn der Bürger gezwungen wird, die Politik der Tyrannei als Erfolg zu feiern. Demokratie ist, wenn die Politik ohne den Bürger, seine Tyrannei als Erfolg feiert. +++

Freitag, 6. April 2012

USS Enterprise im persischem Golf angekommen

America USS Enterprise through the Suez Canal to move into Iranian waters near

People, April 5, according to news from Egypt, the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group has been through the Suez Canal, is sailing in the Red Sea, the final destination is the nearby waters of Iran.

the Middle East “motherland Network reported today that the U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier” Enterprise “has been through the Suez Canal, was driving in the Red Sea, will eventually have to be deployed in Iranian waters near. Reported that, through the Suez Canal, along with the carrier battle group, including two destroyers, a fast supply ship and the ships fired a missile ships.

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